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Bosnia 2000 - postman on motor bike as overprint in pair.
for 20.00 €uro per piece I will split the pair
Bulgaria 1941 0010 Bulgaria 1941 Mi 0010 from BOHOT to Sofia front & back. REGISTERED letter from the village BOHOT, region off PLEVEN send to Sofia to the ministry, department, Office het Ministry the Cabinet. The 4 leva parcel stamp with motorbike was used as definitive stamps. The cancel is a administrative cancel of the village and is no post-cancel. There is no postoffice in the small village. 70,00
Bulgaria 1941 0010 Bulgaria 1941 Mi 0010 from BOROVETS front & back. Parcel 10 leva stamp "motorbike", Mailed cover from Borovets ( winter holyday resort ) send to a very small village POPINA. Over the stamps is on the envelope written in Cyrillic  "EXPRESSES' post",  80,00
CSSR 1947 0521 CSSR 1947 Mi 0521 motor golden helm Pardibuce back 005 10,00
CSSR 1957 1034 CSSR 1957 Mi 1034 motor 6-days 003 10,00
England 1992   England 1992 Mi motor bike & sun tours send to LONDON 7,00
Macedonia 2013 0651 Macedonia 2013 Mi 0651 motor sheet of 9-stamps front 625 50,00
Mali 1976 00xx Mali 1976 FDC motor motobecane LT-3 10,00
Russia 1934 0571 Russia 1934 Mi 0571 on PPC motor airplanes picture front & back 9,50
Russia 1961 pws speed-way., motorspeedway., postalstationaty with the latvia view from the sanatorium, 2 color cancels. 12,00
Russia 1961 2497 speed-way motor-club logo on the left and with the space Mi 2497 in pair start from the satelite Korabi IV and V with the dog "swjosdotschka"., radio telegrafics on the base 16,00
Russia 1967 3353 Motor rally "FIM" district Moskou A-212 6,00
Russia 1968 pws trafiic safety so sure as 2x2 = four 8,00
Russia 1971 3906 letter week., 9 ways to deliver your letter., carrige., walk., sledge., ski., motor-bike., bromfiets., bicycle., boot., airplane., 7,00
Russia 1999 0744-48

Russia 1999 Mi motor 0744-48 ZD history of motorbike building 000-04.


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