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picture country year michel number description price in €uro pay with PayPal
Montenegro 1888 pws 008 Montenegro 1888 Mi pws 008 UPU mint 005 20,00
Montenegro 1892 pws P-0017 Montenegro 1892 Mi pws P-0017 cancellede without address f&b 006 30,00
Montenegro 1893 pws P-0006  Montenegro 1893 Mi P-0006 finger head cancel 001 25,00
Montenegro 1893 pws P-0014 Montenegro 1893 Mi P-0014 responce part not used f&b 003 20,00
Montenegro 1893 pws P-0012 Montenegro 1893 Mi pws P-0012 cancelled without address 002 30,00
Montenegro 1893 pws U-007 Montenegro 1893 Mi pws U-007 type II 010 30,00
Montenegro 1893 pws U-008 Montenegro 1893 Mi pws U-008 type II 009 30,00
Montenegro 1894 pws K-001 Montenegro 1894 Mi pws K-001 fold-letter 10,00
Montenegro 1894 pws K-002 Montenegro 1894 Mi pws K-002 unused small damaged on the corners 011 10,00
Montenegro 1896 pws U-009 Montenegro 1896 Mi pws U-009 answer paid f&b. 16,50

  rewards in the Europe Union can be done with the use of the IBAN
BIC number, when written in Euro 's to ING Bank.
  IBAN number is
: NL31INGB0002126284 BIC number is:

 per 01.01.2017
 simple letter europe 1 + 2
 on the risk from the buyer up to 49.9 gram 2,66 €uro
 simple letter
worldwide on the risk from the buyer up to 99.9 gram 3,00 €uro
 registered letter europe 1 up to 999 gram 11,95 €uro to the rules of the TNT dutch-post
 registered letter europe 2 up to 999 gram
13,95 €uro to the rules of the TNT dutch-post
 registered letter
world up to 999 gram 16,95 €uro to the rules of the TNT dutch-post
 orders over
250,00 €uro are post cost free worldwide to the rules of the TNT dutch-post
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