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picture country year michel number description price in €uro pay with PayPal
Curacao 1946 Mi Curacao 1946 Mi first KLM letter send from Curacao Willemstad to Netherlands Amsterdam 002 new address 15,00
Hungary 1967 2369 Block 0060 Hungary 1967 Mi 2369 block 0060 perforated + error railway airplane. 25,00
Latvia 1931 0190-92a + 228-31      
Latvia 1931 Mi 0190-92a +228-31b from border triangle R-letter 679E to BERLIN Germany f&b

Lithuania 1922 0185 pair  
Lithuania 1922 Mi 0185 in pair overprint is up-side down error proofed Mr. KLEIN Germany front & back
Latvia 1933 0224       
Latvia 1933 Mi 0224 triangle broken T in Latvia airplanes front., back and detail
Lithuania 1935 0404                         
Lithuania 1935 Mi 0404 right border piece f&b 001
Russia 1934 0571 Russia 1934 Mi 0571 on PPC motor airplanes picture front & back 9,50
Serbia 1943 0094-98 Germany occup Serbia 1943 Mi 0094-98 railway airplane carriage auto horses used 737 25,00

Serbia 1943 0094-98 Germany occup Serbien 1943 Mi 0094-98 letter to BAJINA BASTA railway airplane carrigae auto horses with coupon 15-X-1843 letter to BAJINA proofed by ERCEGOVIC bpp f&b 742. 1500,00
Serbia 1943 0094-98 zf Germany occop Serbien 1943 Mi 0094-98 zf railway airplain auto horses used 50,00
          with komma


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worldwide simple letter on the risk from the buyer up to 49.9 gram 2,50 €uro
worldwide simple letter on the risk from the buyer up to 99.9 gram 3,00 €uro
worldwide registered letter up to 999 gram 9,50 €uro to the rules of the
TNT dutch-post
orders over 250,00 €uro are post cost free worldwide
CV Catalogue value PWS Postal stationary
   I will supply certificates of authentication on request for all items bought over this site.
   The buyer will only be charged for the cost off the certificate IF the stamps is authenticated.
   IF it is proves to be a forgery, all the cost will be refunded by me and we have NO-deal.
**/* Mint never hinged
Mint with hinge
HV Highest value of the set
Used., Cancelled KB Minisheet
Letter MBK Magyar Bélyegek Katalógus  
hungary special catalogue
Letter piece Mi Michel catalogue
Block of 4 stamps Sc Scott catalogue
  Pair of stamps ZF Coupon
B or Imperforated NC Not Complete
AO And Other OVPT Overprint

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